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Exhibition and Website Production

16 mm Postcards: Home Movies of American Jewish Visitors to 1930s Poland


Yeshiva University Museum & YIVO

Goal | Use early amateur travel films made by immigrants to America visiting their old homes to reveal the lives of people and communities shaped by decades of emigration.


This 1,600 square foot multimedia installation of historic amateur travel films and artifacts immersed visitors in the world of 1930s American immigrants who traveled “back home” to visit their families, friends, and former communities. Intended to be viewed by family and fellow landsmen – friends from the Old Country – these films offered a rare, intimate and – quite literally – moving picture of Jewish families, towns and society in pre-World War II Poland. I collaborated with media archivists at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research to curate exhibition content. I also created a website the featured an online version of the exhibition as well as bonus materials. 

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