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Project Direction & Curation

It's a Thin Line: The Eruv and Jewish Community in New York and Beyond

Yeshiva University Museum

Goal | Reveal how an idea meant to help the most vulnerable members of a devout community evolved conceptually, physically, and socially over thousands of years.


This thought-provoking, 4,000 square foot exhibition explored the history and culture of the eruv through hundreds of artifacts, art installations and interactive materials spanning over five centuries. One of the most fascinating, though little understood and often controversial concepts in Jewish life, the eruv is a technical and conceptual tool that helps some observant Jews keep the Sabbath. The presentation revealed the profound impact of this concept in daily life -- from ancient times to the present. As the project's director and curator, I coordinated panels of content experts to identify materials to be presented, oversaw a regional survey of thousands of eruv users, and provided creative and script direction for all aspects of the presentation. I also organized several tours and public programs, and participated in the development of a day-long symposium on the topic.


Find out more on Yeshiva University Museum's exhibition page.


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Watch the film I made for this exhibition (19:48):

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