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Project Management

Lawn - 2019 Summer Block Party Installation

National Building Museum 

Goal | Create a beautiful, interactive and sustainable temporary landscape that provokes users to rethink the use of familiar materials in the built environment.


Lawn was a vast, sloping green space built on a scaffolding superstructure. Dotted with clusters of communal lounging areas, the installation featured an undulated landscape perfect for rolling, games, refreshments, and expansive views from an observation deck, as well as a lawn-themed soundscape, recordings of prominent American storytellers sharing summertime memories, and an augmented reality game. The Museum partnered with the LAB at Rockwell Group to develop Lawn, and collaborated with Yessian Music to develop the soundscape.  


I coordinated the donation and installation of the synthetic turf (roughly $300,000 in value), fabrication of decorative games and other elements, and supported construction, procurement, budgeting, and scheduling for museum staff and contractors, and design consultants.


Learn more on the National Building Museum's exhibition website

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