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Exhibition & Art Installation

Prophecy of Place: Quintan Ana Wikswo

Yeshiva University Museum   

Goal | Use beautiful imagery and text to create an emotional and visceral reaction to moments of atrocity and trauma stretching nearly a thousand years into the past.


This conceptually innovative, exhibition featured the work of internationally acclaimed artist and author Quintan Ana Wikswo. The 1,600 square foot presentation merged photography as sculpture with poetry and performance to present kaleidoscopic portraits of the Jewish historical experience in seven countries, eight centuries and nine languages. As the project's curator, I selected works to exhibit, conceptualized and wrote the narrative, and oversaw design and installation. I also developed a site-specific participatory art installation that invited visitors to share their perspectives on the work in a construction that lasted throughout the exhibition's run. I oversaw several public programs and supported Wikswo's role as Artist in Residence during the exhibition's run.


Learn more on Yeshiva University Museum's exhibition page.

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