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Concept Development, Project Direction

Viral Art Project - Digital PSA Poster Project for the Coronavirus Emergency

Digital Collaboration

Goal | Mobilize designers and artists to create PSA posters around the Coronavirus emergency, make those posters freely available, and mount an immersive installation of a selection of posters.


The Viral Art Project is a call to action for artists, designers, and creatives to create PSA posters that spread awareness about what we all must do to survive, help get supplies to our healthcare workers, and advocate for our neighbors hurt by the economy’s collapse. They paint a picture of how we are caring for one another during the crisis, present a vision of a better world after, and create a living archive of the moment. Participants have included several prominent graphic designers working on political projects (like the creator of “I’m With Her” from Hillary Clinton’s campaign), as well as students and others.


Since launching in late March 2020, the project has received nearly 400 submissions from all over the world. Posters are presented on the project’s website, as well as on Instagram and Twitter. The posters are freely available to anyone who wants to use them to raise awareness. Additional information is available on the call for submissions:


A selection will be included in a monumental outdoor exhibition at Culture House DC in summer 2020 -- just four blocks from the U.S. Capitol, and will draw thousands to reflect on our shared experience and spur them to continue working for their communities.


The Viral Art Project is an all-volunteer project launched by myself, Ben Ostrower of Wide Eye, and artist Mark Kelner. We partnered with the Artist + Activist Relief Fund, created by The Soze Foundation to supports artists and activists whose work has been impacted by COVID-19.  


I developed the conceptual direction of the project, overall curation of posters, brokered partnerships with outside organizations, coordinated press outreach, and will direct the physical installation.

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