Concept, Project Management, & Creative Direction

New York Eruv Interactive

Yeshiva University Museum

Goal | Facilitate a deep understanding of the social and political connections and controversies that emerge when different communities attempt to coexist.


A complement to the exhibition, Its a Thin Line: The Eruv and Jewish Community in New York and Beyond, this digital interactive provided visitors with the chance to explore the cultural, political, technical and comedic facets of eruvs in the New York City area. It highlighted civic and legal debates over eruvs, inter-communal cooperation, and the impact of eruvs on women and feminism. I directed interactive and design development, and produced all of the content, including 10 short videos featuring locations across New York and New Jersey. This unique presentation brought together over a dozen communal leaders, civil servants, civic activists, and academics.


Technical development was provided by Eric O'Toole.


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